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Long Distance

from by Andrew Kay



Coming down from a sugar high
Forget it all for just one night
'Cause I'm with you
Nothing else I can give you
We watch the stars light up the sky
And I don't want to have to say goodbye
When I leave you
'Cause I don't believe you

When you say, this was not a perfect day
We will find another way

Alone again and the waiting starts
I find that sleeping is the hardest part
And I miss you
Oh if I could just kiss you
Time and place are more to me
If you're the same then you're sure to see
No difference
Between time and distance

I want to be with you today
Can't we find another way?

Stay here just for one more day
We will find another way


from Abort, Retry, Fail?, released July 1, 2011




Andrew Kay UK

I create rock/electronic/industrial -ish music with computers, guitars and synthesizers. Some of it comes out of my mouth. You are supposed to put it in your ears.

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