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Abort, Retry, Fail?

by Andrew Kay

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(free) 05:55


Lower quality pirate edition: warfreak2.org.uk/Abort_Retry_Fail


released July 1, 2011




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Andrew Kay UK

I create rock/electronic/industrial -ish music with computers, guitars and synthesizers. Some of it comes out of my mouth. You are supposed to put it in your ears.

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Track Name: Daylight
I'm alone, even when I am with you I feel this way
On my own, I have time to think of what I want to say
You don't know, but I've had enough and I don't want to stay
Time to go, but I'll wait to tell you in the light of day

Listen to me, I am going now that I know what to do
Can't you see? You were running me, so now I'm running too
Finally, when the darkness comes and you and I are through
I want to be just as far away as I can get from you

I cannot live in midnight
I feel safe in daylight
Track Name: Pressure to Perform
A clean slate, a new start
And I'll play a different part

I'm insane, I'm pure gold
A big name to uphold

And they think I know it all
There's so much pressure to perform

A great mind, he stands tall
A big climb, a bigger fall

And they think I know it all
There's too much pressure to perform
They think I know it all
There's too much pressure
Track Name: Long Distance
Coming down from a sugar high
Forget it all for just one night
'Cause I'm with you
Nothing else I can give you
We watch the stars light up the sky
And I don't want to have to say goodbye
When I leave you
'Cause I don't believe you

When you say, this was not a perfect day
We will find another way

Alone again and the waiting starts
I find that sleeping is the hardest part
And I miss you
Oh if I could just kiss you
Time and place are more to me
If you're the same then you're sure to see
No difference
Between time and distance

I want to be with you today
Can't we find another way?

Stay here just for one more day
We will find another way
Track Name: Eviction
Go back in time
It was years ago, but I remember
You changed your mind
After I believed that you'd surrender

So this is war
This is do or die, it's now or never
Just like before
Only this time you'll be gone forever

Our roles reversed
And now I remember what I live for
You came out worst
Next time you'll be careful what you wish for
Track Name: Enjoy the Ride
We all hate the girl upstairs to me
'Cause she complains about the noise
People always are unfair to me
Never was one of the boys

Motivation won't come naturally
Motivation's hard to find
Inspiration happens differently
Even then, you'll lose your mind

Something's wrong inside my brain
Feels like I could go insane

So forget responsibility
And let every deadline slide
Had enough of productivity?
Just sit back, enjoy the ride

It is foolish to depend on me
Normal rules I won't abide
Common sense does not extend to me
Do you feel this way inside?

Madness will be my refrain
I think that I could go insane

So forget responsibility
And let every deadline slide
Had enough of productivity?
Just sit back, enjoy the ride
Track Name: Anonymous
I have never seen your face
I have never heard your name
I have never known your place
And I'll never know your shame

I have never touched your hair
I have never felt your skin
I don't know what clothes you wear
And I'll never know your sin
But I love you

And after all, I have never known that sound
Your name is something I have seeked but never found

I'll forget about your age
I'll forget about your gender
I'll forget about your rage
Nothing I want to remember
Because I love you

And in the end, I will never know that sign
Your name is one thing I can seek and never find
But without you, my life comes grinding to a halt
Please take out my eyes, so I am blind to all your faults
Track Name: Control-Alt-Delete
And now it's back to nothing working
My machine's forgotten me
There's a pattern now emerging
Misdesigned effectively
I press control-alt-delete

It doesn't follow my instructions
There's a master more than me
With only authorised dysfunctions
Pushed and told deceptively
I press control-alt-delete

It's for the better that they've changed us
But now it's change that we don't need
Some people say they'll turn against us
I think they already did
I think they already did
Track Name: Escape
Four walls that are just a bit too close for comfort
And a door that I don't recall the last time I walked through

Enclosed in a box that never felt like home to me
Been awake since about as long as I remember

Escape isn't something that I've thought a lot about
To tell the truth, I have not been thinking very much at all
Track Name: Take Away
You are a one-way street
In you I must confide
But I admit defeat
No longer I provide

I'd like to take back what I say
I give and I will take away

My only lie to you
Is that I don't deceive
I'll tell you what is true
And what you won't believe

I'd like to take back what I say
You take and I will take away
You've made the choice for me again
You take and I will take away
You've changed my life again today