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from by Andrew Kay



I have never seen your face
I have never heard your name
I have never known your place
And I'll never know your shame

I have never touched your hair
I have never felt your skin
I don't know what clothes you wear
And I'll never know your sin
But I love you

And after all, I have never known that sound
Your name is something I have seeked but never found

I'll forget about your age
I'll forget about your gender
I'll forget about your rage
Nothing I want to remember
Because I love you

And in the end, I will never know that sign
Your name is one thing I can seek and never find
But without you, my life comes grinding to a halt
Please take out my eyes, so I am blind to all your faults


from Abort, Retry, Fail?, released July 1, 2011




Andrew Kay UK

I create rock/electronic/industrial -ish music with computers, guitars and synthesizers. Some of it comes out of my mouth. You are supposed to put it in your ears.

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